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Pattan Valley

Tandi is 8 kms short of Keylong and is situated at the confluence of Chandra & Bhaga Rivers. Legend says that there were two lovers, Chandra being the daughter of the Moon and Bhaga the son of the Sun God. To perform their eternal marriage, they decided to climb to the Baralacha La pass & from there they ran in opposite directions. Chandra, being active and smart, easily found her way & reached Tandi after covering the distance of 115 kms. Soon, Bhaga was found coming with great struggle through the narrow gorges to Tandi where consequently both met and the celestial marriage was performed.

Guru Ghantal Monastery: This monastery is situated on a hill above the Tupchiling village from where the confluence of Chandra and Bhaga rivers can be clearly viewed. This Gompa of a bygone era was founded by Padma Sambhava and is more than 800 years old. There are two structures situated strategically in a hillock and could clearly make out that one towering structure with Himachali-slate in Tibeto-Chinese pagoda style was a newly constructed one.

Gondla: Situated at a height of 3160 meters and 18 kms from Keylong on the right bank of Chandra River, Gondla, is famous for the Gondla Castle or Gondla Fort, which, was constructed in 1700 A.D. This imposing eight-storey building of its own kind in the entire Lahaul Valley serves as the residence of the Gondla royalty. In the month of July a fair is held when the Lamas dance & enjoy. The Gompa of this village holds historical significance and the fair witnesses huge footfalls.

Trilokinath Temple: The famous Triloknath temple also called the Avalokiteshwara temple has been revered by both Hindus and Buddhists for centuries, situated on the left bank of the Chenab River. Although it is primarily a Buddhist place of worship, Trilokinath temple is a revered site for the Hindus. A good branch road from the Tandi-Udaipur road leads to Triloknath.  

Markula Devi Temple, Udaipur:  Sleepy little Udaipur township located at an altitude of 2,743 meters, and is around 53 km north of Keylong. The village was called 'Markul' in olden days. Major attraction here is the Markula Devi Temple dedicated to this goddess is quiet famous because of the rich wooden carvings. Udaipur is situated at the point where the Chenab and Mayar Nallah meets; hence it also becomes a starting point of the Mayar valley.


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