kinner Kailash himachal

Kinnaur Valley

Karchham: At a height of 1900 meters, Karcham marks the confluence of Satluj and Baspa rivers on the old Hindustan-Tibet road.

Sangla: Situated at a height of 2,680 metres, adjacent to the turquoise gargling waters of the Baspa River and dubbed as one of the ‘most beautiful valleys of world’, the scenic setting of the Sangla is truly heavenly. Dotted with many sleepy villages as we pass by the scenic Kinnaur Valley, it is as if time stands still here. The towering Kinnar Kailash peak, the winter home of Lord Shiva stands guarding this pristine landscape. Also famous is the towering Kamru Fort, with its main deity Kamakshyi Devi blessing this paradise. The view from the top of Kamru Fort to the Baspa valley below is sheer delight. Being an apple country you would find countless apple orchards all along the road with red apples literally hanging out in each branch tempting you to simply pluck one and munch along.

Rakchham: Situated at a height of 2,900 metres, Rakcham is a cute village by the Baspa River - a hidden paradise from our modern world. Located in the bank of the Baspa river midway between Sangla and Chitkul – the last Indian frontier village before the borders of Tibet, Rakcham is a relatively unknown place. The name Rakcham originates from 'Rak' a stone and 'Chham' a bridge. The location of the village is utterly mesmerizing. At is first glace this seem to be a place caught in a time warp.

Chitkul: Situated at a height of 3450 meters and about a distance of 26 km from Sangla, Chitkul is the last Indian Village beyond which is sheer wilderness towards the borders of Tibet. The road simply ends at this sleepy village with a population of just over 600 inhabitants. The beauty of this place is unmatched. The azure waters of the Baspa River meandering through the backdrop of snow-clad peaks across alpine meadows it is place seen to be believed, simply a paradise on this very earth.

Recong Peo: Situated 231 kms from Shimla, at a height of 2,760 metres Recong Peo, more popularly known as Peo, is the district headquarter of the Kinnaur having a panoramic view of the Kinner Kailash range.

Kalpa: Situated at a height of 2960 meters, Kalpa is a sleepy town in the Sutlej River valley, above Recong Peo, famous for the mythical Kinnaur Kailash peak - the abode of Lord Shiva, looming across in its awesome settings. Kalpa is located at the base of snow-capped Kinner Kailash range. Serene Kalpa is set amidst apple orchards, lush pine and deodar forests. The view from Kalpa is too beautiful to describe in a few meaningful words – it’s simply heavenly. Interestingly, on a closer observation, to your amazement, witness how the sacred Shivling (pinnacles) on the Kinnaur Kailash mountains change its color at different time of the day. The serenity of this sleepy hamlet naturally would bring solace to any perturbed soul. The local Kinners follow a mix of Hinduism and Buddhism, and it is notable that the many temples dotting this region are dedicated the Gods and Goddesses of both Hindus and Buddhists situated side-by-side.

Nako Lake: Situated at a height of 3662 meters and 103 kms ahead of Kalpa, Nako village, is named after its high altitude Nako Lake, in the Pooh sub-division of Kinnaur district. The picturesque Nako Lake is surrounded by willow and poplar trees in its most amazing settings. In the backdrop you would see the Nako village with snow-peaks all around. Near the lake are a few Buddhist temples amidst this sleepy little heaven.


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