Runglee tea estate bungalow stays India

Runglee – This Far and no Further...

Legend has it that, years ago, in search of the finest tea, a Buddhist monk, by chance, stepped into this garden. Inhaling the aroma, and observing the light colour, he exclaimed "Runglee Rungliot", which meant, "this far and no further". Thus was born a garden and a tea. And later the Runglee Resort. With the Himalayan ranges in the backdrop, this wooden Director's Bungalow has given the term 'luxury' a different angle altogether.

The property is located just on the edge of a hill. Within the periphery of the property, right on its edge stands a glass chamber designed to elevate your senses. Once you are inside this glass chamber, you will feel like you are relaxing in space with the Himalayan ranges and undulating tea gardens in the horizon. This glasshouse is Ideal for an evening cup of tea watching the sun flirting with clouds and mountains.

Quick Facts

  • Just two and half hours from NJP Station/Bagdogra Airport
  • Located in the virgin hills of Kalimpong
  • Darjeeling is just three hours away
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