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"Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed
between man and the universe" - Anatole France

Elusive Garhwal

The elusive Garhwal region lies in the northern Indian Himalayan state of Uttarakhand has been a trekkers paradise since time immemorial. Countless  holy shrines are scattered in across this sacred region and since the millennia pilgrims have trekked upon these elusive trails. These region is truly a beauty to behold for all mountain lovers that lay strategically alongside the borders of Tibet.

Breathtaking snow-capped Himalayan peaks, hidden high-altitude serene lakes, the azure waters of the mighty Ganga and her tributaries gushing by, lush alpine meadows, bleating sheep herds in their thousands, are all a sight so pleasing that enthused trekkers being addicted to this Himalayan high keep coming back each season. Each year enthusiastic trekkers from world over converge in this elusive Himalayan region and make a bee-line to many a countless scenic trekking trails.

Having extensively trekked these high Himalayan mountain trails ourselves to the hilt; the experience gathered over the years we are delighted and confident to offer our services to all enthused trekkers. We believe in responsible tourism. Our exclusive Treks are guided by our own hand-picked trekking guides from many interior Himalayan villages with decades of experience guiding hundreds of trekkers.  We assure you a safe trekking experience.

Join us as we go exploring these mesmerizing scenic treks enabling you an ultimate trekking experience of a lifetime.

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